Friday, 20 February 2015

Can poor dental hygiene affect my overall health?

The short answer is….Yes. Not taking proper care of your teeth can cause more than just bad breath. Listed are a few of the potential negative side-effects of bad oral hygiene:

Strokes: Disease-causing bacteria in the mouth (if left untreated) can lead to clogging of the Cartoid Artery which can dramatically increase your chances of having a stroke.

Heart Disease: Individuals with periodontal disease are twice as likely to develop heart disease and arterial narrowing. This can be caused by periodontal bacteria and plaque entering a person’s bloodstream through their gums. One particular study on the subject found that periodontal disease, cavities & missing teeth can be used to predict heart disease (just as accurately) as a person’s cholesterol levels.

Respiratory Problems: Bacteria caused by periodontal disease can travel through a person’s bloodstream to their lungs. Under these circumstances, a person can aggravate their respiratory systems, especially if a pre-existing condition is already present.

Erectile Dysfunction: One of the most profound examples of the health risks associated with periodontal disease is in men. In this situation, periodontal bacteria (travelling through the bloodstream) can enflame blood vessels, which can block blood-flow to the genitals. Men with perio disease are up to seven times more at risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction than men without the disease.  

If you’re concerned about the risks associated with periodontal disease, please contact our office to schedule your appointment today with Dr.Jennifer Thomm at Great Lakes Dental.

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